James Comey's account of the president's words to him during their private meetings was not only shocking; it was also surprisingly catchy and tuneful.(In other news, the president not only invented the term "priming the pump," he also apparently invented Lorde.)But everyone’s like Sessions, Mike Flynn, hangin’ with Kislyak,Wire tapps, fake news, call me Russophiliac,I don’t care; I’ve got big hands in my dreams.But everybody’s like Kushner, Spicer, golf in Mar-a-Lago,Carter Page, Manafort, Trump Tower’s salad tacos,I don’t care; there’s something up with my hair.But you gotta be LOYAL:You need to lift this cloud.We had that thing you know;I hope you can let this go.Let me be your ruler; you can call me D.T.,But baby be cool, be cool, be cool, be cool --Don’t talk about Russian pee.